» » » Unknown HERO - Item Farming RPG. [HACK/MOD: No Skill CD]

Unknown HERO - Item Farming RPG. [HACK/MOD: No Skill CD]

Unknown HERO - Item Farming RPG. [HACK/MOD: No Skill CD]
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RPG games created by solo developers!

Combine various items, skills and attributes to create the ultimate character!

▶ Simple RPG
  - Hunting, eating items, hunting the boss ~!

▶ Item Farming
  - Catch monsters until you get the item you like ~!
  - Become more powerful with set items ~!

▶ Various skills
  - Required to acquire more powerful monsters and skill!
  - Use monsters with various skills!

▶ Character characteristics
  - Maximize your character's ability!

▶ Difficulty Monster
  - Hunting on high difficulty, eat good items and head to higher places!

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CHECK_LICENSE: License check
RECEIVE: Enable push messages
RECORD_AUDIO: Voice recording when making videos.

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1. All copyrights are in Implayer.
2. We recommend that you install the game through the store.
3. We will notify you that we may take legal action against illegally acquired apk moderation.

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