» » » Reblob [HACK/MOD: Free/Unlocked Card]

Reblob [HACK/MOD: Free/Unlocked Card]

Reblob [HACK/MOD: Free/Unlocked Card]
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Your task is to help the cyclops Squishy overcome obstacles in a grid-based world, therefore, you have to turn a step backwards into a step forward and plan your steps ahead.

Help Squishy escape from the laboratory where he was born!

To solve the grid-based puzzles in each level, you will need Squishy’s special ability: He is able to revive from a blue blob, which he has located somewhere on the tiles. In so doing, he overcomes obstacles like walls, portals, switches, ravenous cyclopes and the dangerous red tiles.

Features 65 unique puzzles.

NO ads, NO in-game purchases.