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Kingdom of Hero : Tactics War [HACK/MOD: Attack/Defense/Mod Menu]

Kingdom of Hero : Tactics War [HACK/MOD: Attack/Defense/Mod Menu]
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▶Do you remember Traditional RPG on a Hexagon Battlefield?◀

Introducing a Turn-based traditional Tactics RPG on a Hexagon Battlefield, Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War.
Protect the fate of Arthur’s Kingdom with him and his powerful Hero friends.

▶Everything is Strategy.◀

Battlefield, Heroes, Skills, Elements, Runes, Turns… all these things become part of a fun strategy build in this game!
Challenge Dungeons, and prove your strength through Arenas.
Strengthen through battles, and feel a sense of accomplishment as you get stronger!

▶Beautiful illustrations and various Heroes◀

Different skill sets attributed to different Heroes!
An RPG where even identical Heroes can become varied depending on Rune Settings!
Different star graded Heroes can be raised to Max Star grades through EXP Transfer and Awakening
The endless combinations between 5 different types of elements, 5 different classes allow various strategies to be formed. Experience the joy of a true SRPG.

▶Various modes that make Turn-based RPG more fun◀

[Adventure] An adventure story that follows Arthur and his journey to protect his Kingdom!
[Arena] Prove the strength of your Heroes through Arena Battles!
[Awakening Dungeon] Awaken your Hero by collecting Materials in the Awakening Dungeon!
[Rune Dungeon] Collect Runes in the Rune Dungeon to strengthen your Heroes.
[Rift] Trouble picking out new Heroes? Don’t miss the Rift where you can acquire Hero Pieces.

androidAndroid OS: 4.1 and up cachedApp version: 1.01.003 codeDeveloper: NEOWIZ trending_upRated for 12+
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