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SRPG Pocket Lord [HACK/MOD: Ads-Free/Gems/Purchases]

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SRPG Pocket Lord [HACK/MOD: Ads-Free/Gems/Purchases]
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The full-scale simulation RPG "Pocket Load", which you can play for free,
The retro dot picture characters move around in a comicable tempo.
Once upon a time is a nostalgic mind game to be tickled.

# What is Simulation RPG (SRPG / SLG)
It is a role playing game that makes full use of strategy and tactics.

# game how to proceed
- Let's complete the quest with the strategy
- Units got in reward and summons Let's organize a party to remember
- Compensation and items that were placed in a hand summons Let's use and equipment to the unit
- In the quest ask them to support the unit of other users
- Feel free to other users Let's friend request
- The unit synthesized and you can increase the level
- Unit skill you can take over
- Yourself you can develop a high degree of freedom unit of only
- When the user-level will be 5 There is also a mini-game to raise the castle

Let's acquire items with mini games that nurture castles and towns and nurture units.

Ideal for those who want to play SRPG games with a little free time.
It is a strategy and tactics game that you can play for a long time.
Human beings, monsters, dragons, swords and magical fantasy overlooking the world.
Retro Simulation RPG pixel art.

androidAndroid OS: 4.0 and up cachedApp version: 2.7.0 codeDeveloper: shoutry trending_upRated for 12+
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