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BAIKOH [HACK/MOD: Unlock all Badges/Baikoins]

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BAIKOH [HACK/MOD: Unlock all Badges/Baikoins]
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Humans required! I need more beta testers for my next update: The Deadly Challenges. Opt-in here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/org.duckdodo.baikoh

Sup human? I'm BAIKOH, and I'm all about typing. Write words by tapping tiles that randomly fall from the top of your screen. Each tile has a letter so... you're getting the idea, genius.

Type quickly and constantly to destroy tiles and keep them from reaching the top of your screen, or just use power-ups to make everything explode. That will work too.

The “get hyped” list:

• TOTALLY FREE WORD GAME! Yes, written in uppercase to grab your attention, you greedy human.

• ONLINE VERSUS MATCHES in real time. Make your friends suffer by sending them bombs, boulders, freezing tiles and more. The first one to reach the top loses the game!

• UNLOCK LOTS OF BADGES with the power to slash, ignite and blow up things.

• LEVEL UP! The better you get, the more your words will earn and the more you'll suffer.

• OBSESSIVELY CRAFTED WITH LOVE by my human pets: design, code, everything.

• Sarcastic humor.

• 100% candy-free app.

• No pay to play, no pay to win.


The storage permission is for storing cached ads on the SD memory card. The reasons are:

1. To save internal storage space and save data when not connected to WiFi.
2. More chances to watch rewarded ads (I confess this benefits me more than you).

NO, human, I don't want to spy on your files for embarrassing selfies or nudes.

androidAndroid OS: 4.1 and up cachedApp version: 1.6.1 codeDeveloper: Mum Not Proud trending_upRated for 3+
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